Things You Need To Know About Home Staging

Before you put your property on sale, get it styled by a home takes in professionally. They create the feeling of “Here I want to stay!"

Freely translated, the word “home staging" to “stage a home" for sale! When you sell a car, it is a matter of course to wash and clean the car and fix flaws before allowing prospective buyers to come and see the car.

What is home staging?

The concept comes from so much else from the United States and “invented" by a woman named Barb Schwarz, who developed home bracing which today is a multi-million industry in over large parts of the world.

Home Staging is preparing a home for sale or rent, and the goal is to make a home as appealing as possible to as many potential buyers as possible, and thus sell or rent a property faster and for more money.

Home Staging & Interior is not the same. Interior design involves adapting a home, while home staging does the opposite! You neutralize a home by removing personal items such as family photos, bold colors, odors, etc.. and instead creates a home where a buyer can more easily see himself living.

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression"

A potential home buyers decide within the first 15-20 minutes if he likes what he sees. Therefore it is extremely important to present his home in the best possible way. Before a sale is always needed, whether it is a minor or major, change of residence implemented because the first impression is very important. Home staging attracts the buyer"s fantasies and dreams for their future accommodation. This is of course just as important when it comes to renting short term to long term rentals.

Homestaging benefits:

  • Reduce your time property on the market with more than 50%.
  • More than double the number of views of your property
  • Get to earn as much as 20% more than an empty house or a home not properly styled.
  • Dramatically increase the yield and the occupancy rate of your property, whether it is for vacation rental or long term rentals.


Clear! Clear! Clear!

The concept of home staging is to clear the space! Remove all excess. Clear if you have too much furniture in a room, too much stuff in the kitchen cupboards and the collection of African masks you so nicely arranged on the wall in the bedroom – away !! For it is not your personality, you want to highlight when to sell, without dwelling. The coming of the display to be thinking wow, what a lovely house!

Accentuate the positive and downplay the negative

  • Focus on the lights because it is an effective way to get a cozy, comfortable feeling in the room
  • Get the buyer to feel at home by neutralizing. He does not need to be reminded that it is someone else"s home
  • Odors, cleaning and repairs – get rid of the buyers mental “repair list" by doing it themselves before viewing.
  • Good pictures online is to get the attention your property deserves, and do not you think the broker"s photos are good so take your own or hire a photographer.

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